Monday, August 25, 2008

What about the old Apps?

About two weeks ago my desktop computer decided that it didn’t need to work any longer. Now you would think I would be stressed but I really wasn’t. Because my back has been so bad, I spent a lot of time flat on my back using my laptop. So all the major work I had completed or was working on was on the laptop. But I still needed the desktop. I am a creator of habit and I like reading my mail on a large screen and I like working on large screen when I am able. Thank goodness for my Sony desktop that I had sitting collecting dust. I am not sure why I ever got rid of the Sony but it is back doing the work that my HP decided was too good for it. So any way let me get to the reason for this post.

The Sony is naked of the programs that I find extremely helpful when creating tutorials or Boardmaker boards, I decided to Google for a program to replace SNAGIT. What is SNAGIT you may ask? SnagIt is a screen capturing program that operates under the Windows operating system. It is distributed by TechSmith. If you are running Vista and don’t need all the bells of the SNAGIT program you system already comes with the basic of the screen capture. However, I cannot live without the bells and whistles of SNAGIT.

You would think I know the address by heart but off I went to Google. I came upon a website that many of you with older computer systems or who don’t care about the newest and latest will love. It is called Old Apps . Now many of the applications maybe of no interest to you but let me tell you a few that are worth getting your hands on:

  • Snagit 7.0 screen capture software
  • HyperSnap screen capture software.
  • WinZip compression software. This is the most common that you see.
  • WinRAR this is a less recognized zip program but it actually zips better then
  • WinZip. It is a much tighter compression.
  • Paint Shop Pro – great for photos

Some of the software is trialware so check the description carefully. Other programs are full working programs with key registration codes.

Happy hunting to find a few gems of your own. I would stay clear of the peer to peer sharing sites. Limewire, Napster and Bearshare are rife with nasty viruses and malware programs. I would also check the company website because some of the applications that are being offered already are free if you use the lite version of the software.

Another great site:

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