Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Take a LOOK ……. What is new and hot for Closing the Gap

This is the short list of the exhibitors that have new or updated software or hardware coming out this season. As I find out more, I will share with everyone.

Slater Software:

Web Site: http://www.slatersoftware.com/index.html
Booth: Booth(s) 220, 221
Location: Main Hall in the last row – all the way back.

Judy Lynn Software:
Booth: 206
Location: Main Hall first row, make a right. We are directly next to SoftTouch.

Mayer – Johnson:
Website: http://www.mayer-johnson.com/
Booth(s) 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118
Location: As soon as you walk in the first exhibitor hall.

Aimee Solutions, Inc
Website: http://www.aimeesolutions.com/index.html
Booth: 327
Location: When you make your enterence into the Main Hall, make a left go straight into the side room. Make a right down the first row. Last exhibitor on the left side.

Intellitools Software and Kurzweil (Cambium Learning Technologies):
Website: http://www.intellitools.com/
Booth: Plaza 1 Location: Down stairs in the same hallway as presentation hallway by the coffee shop.

Assistive Technology, Inc: (STAGES SOFTWARE)

Website: http://www.assistivetech.com/prod-index.htm
Booth(s): 110, 111, and 112
Location: First exhibitor hall next to Mayer-Johnson.

Don Johnston,Inc:
Website: http://www.donjohnston.com/
Booth(s): 262, 273
Location: Main Hall first row directly across from Judy Lynn.

Ablenet, Inc:
Website: http://ablenetinc.com/
Booth(s): 247, 248, 249
Location: Main Hall as you come in the doors.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Less hazard - Get the cables organized

I was walking around Staples a while back and I came across these great little donut shaped cable organizer. They were not located in the cable organization area (which would make sense). The GE Clams were located in the lamp section of the store.

I am often frustrated by cables. There is this little cable fairy that comes around and tangles all my cables. The most frustrating cables outside of computer cables is the long cables for switches. No matter how you try to wrap them they seem to get tangled and twisted or caught in things. The GE Clams takes the struggle out of cable organize because you just leave what is needed out, if you need more you can quickly unwind the cable.

GE Clams:

Pros: fast and easy to use, perfect for thin cables or wires

Cons: not good for thick cables for the computer, difficult to find in stores

Places to purchase:

Socket Pocket

While searching around the Internet for things that might organize my life. I cam across this very neat little gadget. It is called a socket pocket. For most of use we have cell phones to charge, PDA's or other small gadget. Most of the time our devices land up laying around on the table with this little handy device you can have the device right where it needs to be charged. The socket pocket is the wall outlet cover with a little pocket for your electronic.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Cue™ Electronic Classroom Scheduler

This is a nifty little gadget that I have found to be very helpful for students that need to be kept on track of their schedule and events in and out of school but need and want independence. Although the blue color isn't my favorite most students don't mind. For the students that do mind cover the screen and buttons with contact paper and spray paint that sticks to plastic. It is about the size of a palm pilot but with a larger viewing screen and can fit right in the student’s pocket. With practice some students can learn to program this tool themselves for personal needs such as going to the nurse, therapy or toileting. The two-step data entry process it also has over 50 pre-programmed everyday classroom activities. It has 2 types of alarms light and/or sound alarms for every event, digital clock and calendar. I have used this with students in the first, third and fifth grade. The student that is having the most success with this tool is a student with a TBI. He would often forget his daily routine even with a visual schedule. Since this device has an auditory cue he looks at the device and he is off and running to his next location.

Places where you can purchase these devices:
Learning Resources
Beacon-Ridge * This company is often represented at Closing the Gap, you might be able to see this device in person*

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Downloadable Files

This is a image of the 10 labels. This is the one that I use when I am at a conference because it let's the exhibitors know what I am looking for.