Thursday, September 13, 2007

Less hazard - Get the cables organized

I was walking around Staples a while back and I came across these great little donut shaped cable organizer. They were not located in the cable organization area (which would make sense). The GE Clams were located in the lamp section of the store.

I am often frustrated by cables. There is this little cable fairy that comes around and tangles all my cables. The most frustrating cables outside of computer cables is the long cables for switches. No matter how you try to wrap them they seem to get tangled and twisted or caught in things. The GE Clams takes the struggle out of cable organize because you just leave what is needed out, if you need more you can quickly unwind the cable.

GE Clams:

Pros: fast and easy to use, perfect for thin cables or wires

Cons: not good for thick cables for the computer, difficult to find in stores

Places to purchase:

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