Saturday, September 1, 2007

Downloadable Files

This is a image of the 10 labels. This is the one that I use when I am at a conference because it let's the exhibitors know what I am looking for.


Julana said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! You have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and it's great to see you with a venue to share it more widely.

Lorry said...

Thanks for the helpful tips. Having the label document right there was great - I filled it out so I wouldn't procrastinate and then forget. I remember what a pain it was to write my name and address over and over last year.

Jeannette said...

Glad the labels came in handy.

I typically print out 4 sheets of labels and place them in a folder and into the suitcase with my airline ticket. This way when I am ready to pack, I won't forget them where I put them.