Thursday, October 16, 2008

Switch It Time - Jumps into Gaming

I putted around the exhibit hall today. I was trying to find something that was worth writing about. When I go through the exhibit hall I am on a hunt looking for something that two switch users or a switch user and a peer can do together. Switch In Time which is typically known for the music software for switch users has jumped into gaming for student that are switch users. Their newest piece of software is called Super Switch Hitter. There are many features that I like in Super Switch Hitter. It is Wii version of baseball for switch users. Baseball is the all American game that every child should get to play.

Switch modes: Single Switch, Multiple switches, Auto scanning, two step-scanning

  • The first is that realistic based graphics. The pitcher actually throws a ball; the batter actually hits the ball foul or into the field. The players in the field also play their part. You can have auto-fielding.
  • Another aspect is how customizable the software is to the students that may want to use it. The ball size varies from eraser size to roughly a quarter with a black frame.
  • The speed of the ball goes from crawling slow to flash speed. For me, I like the "hover ball" this is great for batting practice. It is errorless batting.
  • When you hit a home run --- the student gets to hear --- We Will Rock You.
  • You hear the ball hitting the bat.

If you are at Closing the Gap – make sure you check out SWITCH IN TIME booth. It is in the main hall directly across the Don Johnston.

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