Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas

With the gift season just around the corner, I wanted to share a few sites that I have used for gifts. I try to be unique in my gift giving. I try to think about the individual or couple that I am purchasing for. Last year the big drive for me was gifts that gave back. This year with the economy being what it is I thought I would find gifts that I could afford and that people in my life need. Everyone needs a good meal. There are times in our lives that we just don't want to cook or we just need some RR from our lives. So I have decided to purchase dinner and movie tickets for all everyone on my gift list. Sorry, if you are reading this and you are on my gift list there will be no surprise for you when you open your gift bag.

Like everyone I am on a tight budget. So to purchase gift cards for local restaurants I turned to . It is like buying a savings bond. You pay a fraction of the cost of what the cost it. For example, for a $25 gift certificate, I paid $10. You don't have the chain restaurants on this site. It is the Main Street restaurants that might be owned by a neighbor or friend. Giving back to your community is important. With the gift certificates being a fraction of the cost, I can purchase more for my money. Instead of getting one restaurant for $50, I can now send my friends and family out 5 times. Yes, there are some strings attached. Some restaurants require a minimum so when you purchase watch the little notes.

Discount movie tickets are the best. This is something that takes some practice. I use either the entertainment book or my credit union they have the best deals. You purchase one ticket and you get a ticket for free. The tickets are typically good for all movies times.

There is a risk to the gifts, I have purchased so many businesses have are going out of business. You need to make sure you have a well established business and that they are not going anywhere. The risk is there and you need to make sure it is a small a risk as possible.

Worse comes to worse, I spent ½ the amount I would have on holiday gifts that get no use like the Handheld game, the video camera they couldn't live without or the clothing that was so in when they picked it out but when they opened it on Christmas morning it was so yesterday.


Kath said...

Its getting ever closer to Christmas and I still haven't got round to shopping! I normally start in October/November but this year I've had to put it back due to the credit crunch.

I've got all my ideas written down its just a matter of getting them now, so I might, just for this year, wait until the woolworths sale to start and get them discounted.

Jeannette Van Houten said...

I know, I am typically early with getting gifts. I usually try to do it early so I can really find that unique piece or get individuals what they want. But the credit crunch has everyone.

WOW, Woolworth. I use to love shopping at that store. We no longer have one in my area. I am not even sure if there is one in my state. They had everything and discounted.

Ellen said...

HI, JEANNETTE!!! I am so happy I found you! This is Ellen, mother of Max, who you set up with a computer about a year ago! I started a blog about him,, and I just listed Say It With Symbols as a resource. Then I found your blog on the site! What wonderful gift ideas. I did a post on my site on 11/18 about good toys for special-needs kids. Please feel free to swing by and check it out!

Hope all is well and your back is much better.

Sharon Eilts said...

Update the website woman.