Thursday, September 3, 2009

Able Net Looking for Artist

This is directly from Able Net new release:

CTG Conference Scholarships Available for Participating Artists
As part of their "Accessing the Artist Within" project, the Anne Carlsen Center is hosting an adapted art show at the Closing the Gap Conference in Minneapolis, MN. The purpose is to showcase how assistive technologies can empower students to explore the artist within themselves. See how AbleNet and other current technologies give children the tools to express themselves through the arts.

Do you know an inspiring artist who uses assistive technology to create their work? In mid-September, 10 artists will be selected to attend an art exhibit and reception at the CTG Conference. Each chosen artist and his/her family members will receive a conference scholarship and free art and design software. Artists, ages 5-21, who want to participate in this project must complete an application and submit a digital copy of their art to be included on the Anne Carlsen Center's Web site. A detailed list of requirements, along with application instructions, can be found at Also view artwork created by several of their students by clicking here!

For additional information please contact: Mark Coppin, ATP Assistive Technology Director Apple Distinguished Educator Anne Carlsen Center 701 3rd ST NW Jamestown, ND 58401 1-800-568-5175.

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