Friday, April 2, 2010

Disney Books Go Digital

Disney has made over 600 books available in digital format. It cost approximately $80.00 year. The site offers three levels of books Shared Reading and Beginning readers (picture books and early readers), Reading on my Own (storybooks and readers) and Level 3 Reading Chapter Books.

You read the books online, you can highlight a word you are not sure of and it will pronounce the word to you. If you want further information, it also has a dictionary. The dictionary does not read the definition which is interesting since they went as far as having a dictionary. If you cannot read a word, often you cannot read the definition.

For individuals that use switches, the site is not accessible. The stories are read with highlighting and start automatically. It also turns the pages for you automatically. You can pause the story but you cannot change the rate of speed in which it is reading to you.

After the story is over you get a special treat, I SPY. You are given eight pictures that you have to go through the story again to find. I was disappointed with this feature because I thought you would get to click on the pictures in the book and something would happen. Nope.

The site has a few different gems that you have to search for. I like the Cloze Activities for writing your own story. You can create your own bookshelf with your favorite books. There is even a bookshelf for the books that are in progress. It even has a reading log of all the books you have completed and it can be printed out.

It has a 7-day free trial. See what you think. Find some things that I did not find.

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