Saturday, January 19, 2008

ChoiceWorks Visual Support System

I was preparing for a workshop on visual supports and I came across this visual support system that I am very impressed with the look of. I think it is something that just makes visual supports very handy and all contained in one place.

The visual support system was designed by a parent (some of the best tools come from parents). The visual support system uses a combination of visual symbols to support the student with their schedule, feelings and waiting and a choice area to motivate the child. Anyone that uses visual supports can attest that they increase a student’s independence in completing tasks and understanding expectations. The most important aspect of visual supports is that it helps students with and without disabilities work on self-control issues. Ideal for teaching routines and transitions for children ages 3-9.

What I like about this tool is that there is no laminating and Velcro needed. Everything is contained within the visual support system. No more worries that a student doesn’t have a symbol or the symbol is all tattered.

According to the website the BeeVisual's ChoiceWorks includes three situation boards, each accompanied by a short story to read with your child to introduce the system:

Schedule Board (blue): 40 visual symbol magnets can be sequenced to teach home routines and schedules: includes symbols for morning, evening and bathroom routines, getting ready for school, going to appointments, and more. Your child chooses his/her reward for successfully completing the tasks.

Feelings Board (green): Supports your child’s ability to gain self-control by providing clear alternatives and expectations.

Waiting Board (orange): Teaches your child the skills for waiting, turn taking and not interrupting. Includes a convenient timer!

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