Saturday, January 5, 2008

Shake - Rattle Listen to Music

We all know MP3's are the hot item for children. As educator we know MP3's are a tool for learning. The biggest issues that we have are the durability, the size and cost. I am always on the search for tools that my students with physical disabilities can use without great frustration.

To change songs just give it a shake, hence the name Sansa Shaker. There are also controller bands to control volume and to move forward and back in the song library. The shake feature is used for random tracks. You have to shake up and down pretty hard for the feature to work. It is up and down. You will hear a shutter sound when the song changes.

The Shaker has a built-in speaker to listen without headphones or ear buds. One of the benefits to this device is that you can use SD cards loaded with stories or songs. The advantage of using the SD cards is that you can store and swap stories for the seasons or curriculum.

Included in the package is a 512MB SD flash card, USB cable, a few pre-loaded songs, and a colorful variety of stickers so that kids can customize their device.

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