Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stop the Right Clicking

When you are working on the PC the most frustrating thing is trying to stop a student from right clicking. You give the student a visual cue or even a textured cue of which button to press and that right click happens. There is a software based solution that is free. Yes, I used that four letter word FREE.

The software is called BabyMouse. BabyMouse is an application that restricts several functions of the computer mouse. The right mouse can be deactivated, all buttons can be set to be a left click and the best mouse clicks can be restricted to a particular area of the screen. What this means that the teacher or parent can pick a specific spot on the screen and the child can only click in that specific spot.

A sister program to BabyMouse is BabyBoard Pro . BabyBoard Pro allows you to control the mouse scroll wheel as well as keyboard keys. Yes, you can block letters from being typed. So if you are working on a student typing their name you can block all letters that are not in their name.

The program works wonderful for little children learning mouse skills as well as students that struggle with the left and right click featurs of a PC mouse. Hands down you can't beat the price which again is FREE.

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