Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters Workshop

Literacy is a hot topic in the field of special education. It is an area that so many students with learning disabilities and significant disabilities don’t seem to get enough experience practicing. As an AT trainer, I often do trainings on literacy development for teachers that want to make a difference in their students lives. One of the struggles that I often have is that .It is often difficult materials to support and demonstrate the strategies that have been taught to me from going to workshops/trainings with Dr. Karen Erickson and Dr. David Koppenhaver. Finally, someone has put references and training materials to make it easier for trainers to demonstrate the importance of literacy and the possible outcomes.

Don Johnston Inc. is now offering Start to Finish literacy starters Workshop. The Start-To-Finish Literacy Starters Workshop is a two-hour training program designed to maximize the literacy outcomes of older beginning readers using Start-To-Finish Literacy Starters. Short video clips presented by Dr. Karen Erickson (on CD-ROM) and reproducible materials guide staff development.

Even though this material is based on older beginning readers the information can benefit all beginning readers.

Three main benefits:
  • Brings Karen Erickson’s research-based methods and implementation to your staff at a very reasonable cost. Her research-based methods for implementing Literacy Starters to older beginning readers ensure the best literacy outcomes possible.
  • Helps the facilitator prepare for and guide group trainings. Describes the workshop preparation, flow, video segments and activities.
  • Guides participant activities leveraging best practices in adult learning – maximizing learning and classroom implementation.

The cost is $249.00 and you can pre order yours using item code PS06.


Samuel said...

This is a terrific opportunity for teachers and for district to quickly provide excellent training.

Gosh, for a special educator to get the solo lesson plans (writing coach) and these, you would be well supported! : )

Jeannette Van Houten, M.Ed, ATP said...

This is exactly what is needed especially when you are trying to improve literacy. There is so little information on how to implemention in the aspects of literacy. I am thrilled this is now a possibility.

Thank you, you for always leaving feedback.

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