Thursday, February 21, 2008

E-Paper slap bracelets

Remember when slap bracelets were just made of thin piece of aluminum wrapped in fabric. Come on admit it, you had one or wished your parents would let you have them. They were the bb gun of the 80’s instead of shooting your eye out; you could cut your hand off. Ok so that is an over exaggeration, you wouldn’t cut your hand off but you could cause a nasty little cut.

The Chocolate Agency has made the next great device: E-Paper slap bracelets. This is an innovative concept so it is not on the market just yet and there is no release date that I could find.

Three cool ways to use the E-Paper

Variant 1: E-Paper MP3-MP4Enjoy music and pictures with the E-Paper MP3-MP4 player bracelet. Thanks to the e-paper technology, this device allows you to manipulate digital content – MP3-MP4 and images as if they were physical prints.

Variant 2: E-Paper GPSMove around freely with the E-Paper GPS bracelet. A “fixed map” function, using a movement-based interface with accelerometers, allows you to virtually fix the map in space and explore it by moving the device around, reproducing the traditional way of exploring a map with your finger.

Variant 3: E-Paper Digital Photo FrameWith e-paper, the digital photo frame becomes very creative and can last forever. It lets you play with images, and create new graphical interactions that change through time thanks to multiple slideshows. The glass cube displays three images at once that interact with the play of reflections. The glass cube is on an aluminum base and three sides are e-paper screens. There is an integrated battery with an induction dock. Put two cubes together and the adjacent sides connect themselves to display a panoramic image, enriching the interactions while displaying bigger photos. Put four, six or one hundred cubes together and see what happens.

If the E-paper can be programmed with images that a student can navigate through, then this could be a possible communication system for AAC users on the go. I could even see it being used for the student or adult who is out on a job site that needs some visual supports to complete a task independently. With this product I can invasion so many possibilities. The only limit is see is the possible cost. You know something cool like this is going to be expensive like everything else in the special needs realm.

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