Thursday, November 29, 2007

Color Bug Coloring Toy

Can you tell what time of year it is by the theme of my post? Well here is a toy that I have been waiting for since I saw it on Oprah last year. It is called Color Bug Coloring Toy. I am very excited because this toy opens some fun doors for children and adults (if they like to color). This is idea can be improved upon if they changed the remote to having IR capabilities. If it had IR capabilities because then people with disabilities could control the Color Bug with their communication devices. As of now you have a standard radio controller to move your Color Bug around the paper which still makes it possible to work on skills.

There is no doubt once I get my hands on these little bugs that I can figure out a way to adapt the toy so more of my students can have fun with the toy. I just see so many possibilities for this little toy. Taking a skill that the student is bored to tears of doing, this would change up the activitiy so that the student is motivated to do the task again.

For example: You can have Color Bug Draws a straight line. Or you can see who can make it to the end of their paper the fastest. You can also work on stop - go - left - right. You can work on identification of objects or pictures by placing three pictures on a pieces of paper and the student has to move their color bug to the correct picture.

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If you have one of these new toys - let me know what you think.

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