Friday, November 23, 2007

Scriptovia - Student collaborative tool

Do you remember ? It was a tool for students to collaborative on their writing assignments. Well the creator of Thinkessay has grown up (he is now 18) and now has a new space that is called About us

"Scriptovia is an online community for students to collaborate and receive feedback on their academic work. This includes essays, notes, lab reports, presentations, and everything else students create to advance their knowledge." It reminds me of a portal of information. Students can turn to this site help on any subject that they may need support in. This site is new so the bulk of literature support.

The more the students participate the higher their ranking. The member rating system can be found at
Scriptovia . Members are awarded different colored apples based on their involvement in the Scriptovia community. Apples are awarded based on the amount of member points that each user has accrued.

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