Thursday, November 22, 2007

Karito Kids - A wonderful new product

My nieces’ birthday is coming up and she wants something special for her birthday. Her idea is a new laptop so she can play Webkins without being in my office. Sorry to say, “This is not going to happen.”

So now we are onto her plan 2. She wants an American Girl Doll. This plan sounds like a better then the first one she thought of (at least cheaper). The only issue that I have is that I can’t convince myself that another doll is something she needs. The biggest conflict that I have is that my mission to have my gifts be gifts that give back to the community. The American Girl Doll company does not fit into my mission of giving back to the community. So it is my job to come up with an alternative plan that would meet her need to have a doll and my mission to give back to others.

You would have thought this journey would take many hours of searching on the internet but in reality it took only 2 different google searches and I found this article “Doll teaches kids about responsibility, charity”. I couldn’t believe my luck. I found exactly what I was looking for in Karito Kids.

Karito Kids is the mastermind of two women that wanted more out of the toys they were giving to their children and make a difference in the world we live. It is a doll with a storybook just like American Doll but it has a Webkin features. This is a win-win for me and for my niece. She loves Webkins, wants a pretty doll and I want her to learn to be responsible for the community. As soon as she logs on she needs to pick a cause from the four offered. The four causes are growing up healthy, learning, habitat or livelihood. The child receives an e-mail updating them on what progress they have made toward their project goal.

The dolls are a little more expensive then American Dolls but the little extra is worth the benefit of giving back to the world we live. It also is worth the little extra money because it is teaching her about the world she is living and making a small impact while having fun.

Here is the doll that she has picked

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