Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kookey - Interactive Web toy

I am sure you have heard about Webkins. The cute little plush toys that come with a secret code which unlocks a virtual play land. Well there is a new kid in the block and they are called Kookey's.

Kookey's are cute, plush toys just like webkins but the big differences are on their website. Unlike Webkins Kookey's were designed with an educational purpose in mind. There is KooCollege. KooCollege has a curriculum of 18,000 questions and six varying grade levels, which were designed by a former Teacher of the Year. You can adjust the curriculum for your child to allow focus on their specific needs for improvement in certain skills. Challenging problems are offered in such classes as History, Math and English. KooCollege earns 3 times as much money as playing the games or getting a job.

The site will be available to all on December 1st. Until then, anyone who pre-registers their purchased Kookeys before November 24th becomes a member of Kookeys exclusive KooFounder's Club! The Founders are so important that they will receive an automatic 10,000 KooCoins, other prizes and their name listed in the KooFounders Club for everyone to see. In the meantime, you may browse the neighborhoods in search of your perfect home.

I am sure these toys will struggle to pass Webkins. The age group that is targeted is 5-12 age group. As an educator, I like the concept of this toy because it is going to reinforce academics something that so many virtual toys don't. Because it has an educational piece to it, once Kookey land opens up and I can see how it works and if the educational pieces are there that reinforce curriculum this might be the purchase I make for my niece and nephews teachers to give out as prizes. (Back door into getting technology into the classroom and leveling the playing field for all students). Just an FYI: The opening music is annoying. I suggest turning it off.


Anonymous said...

Just to let u know its webkinz not webkins.

Anonymous said...

and were can u buy kookeys?