Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feeding the World is a website that was designed by a gentleman from Minnesota to help support feed people in third world countries. To date this gentleman with the help of the internet has given 1,897,053,670 grains of rice to I love the fact that we are helping the world with the basic necessities of life while helping use practice build vocabulary. I like this dictionary because it will pronounce the word for you.

I have found myself using the each day. It is my task avoidance tool. I allow myself to do 5 words before I go back to work. I then allow my niece and nephew to work on 10 words together using SOLO or Ultimate Talking Dictionary from . The purpose of them doing the activity is not about learning the words for them. But it is about learning to use a dictionary and sharing with others.

Another site that helps feed the world . For shopping with this site, I have donated over 200 cups of rice for doing Christmas shopping that not only helped others but also helped me give gifts that have meaning.

Here is another great site or store. This website has some unique items that make wonderful gifts. You have to read the write-ups on the artisans.

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