Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Wifi Rabbit

This is my type of pet. You don't have to walk it, you don't have to pet it and you don’t have to worry about feeding it. You also don’t have to worry about the bunny multiplication.

The rabbit communicates by lighting up using upwards of a 100 different colors, wiggling its ears and singing or talking. The Rabbit is always connected via Wifi so you can place it anywhere in your home.

Now I am sure you are saying WOW that is cute but why do I need another gadget? There are a few cool things about this little bunny.

  • How about spoken and musical messenger (Incoming messages sent via the web, email, SMS, phone, spoken messages, MP3 music clips, Text-to-speech, rabbit-to-rabbit communication through ear movements). You can actually have your emails read to you without having text to speech software.

  • Ability to create and program your own content and events. You can create your own channels and broadcast them to other rabbits; application programming interface.
    Some fun free things to keep your bunny happy:

  • Talking Clock: Forget about your alarm clock, the Nabaztag will speak out the time on the top of every hour and will sing you awake to your favorite MP3 or sing you lullabies at bed by.

  • Taï Chi:You think that your Nabaztag is a little static? That he needs some exercises and needs to relax his ears? Offer him some Taï-chi classes.

  • Wake-up rabbit: Just select your favourite MP3 and Nabaztag will sing it to wake you up. You can ask Nabaztag to send you to bed too.

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