Saturday, November 24, 2007

Duck - Duck - Duck - Goose - who is the right candidate for me?

When I was growing up I couldn’t wait to I was old for my first right of passage to adulthood. Most are probably thinking it was the right to get a drivers license but that wasn’t it. I couldn’t wait for real adult passage, the ability to vote.

We are now getting our ducks in order to find the goose. There are so many candidates that are running for the office that how can you tell which one is the right candidate for you? It is so hard to find out where the candidates stand on the issues that are important to me. There are two websites that help you find the candidates that have similar view points as you. The first website was

Connect2Elect is a website that allows to widdle down the candidates that have similar views on topics that are important to you. So often American’s stay within their party affiliation. However, just because they are part of the “party” does it mean that they really feel the same as others and more importantly you? The key issues are in four categories: candidate attributes (time served in office, religious beliefs, etc), social issues (global warming, stem-cell research, etc), political issues (health care, social security, etc), and core beliefs (stance on taxes, foreign relations, etc).

In this day and age we need help guide use to candidates that are like us. I feel lost in the sea of candidates that don’t always speak from the heart. They speak from the polls and what they think others want to hear. If they aren’t listening to the citizens of this country which is obvious with the mess we are in. Then start talking about what you really believe. Try being honest. You have one shot to make an impression.

I tried another program that also helps widdle down the candidates. I have to say that I like
Glassbooth better for its ease of use. Not because of the information that is offered but for the ease of use. The information that is shared is equal to the information that Connect2Elect.

I liked that I didn’t have to sign into the site to start the process. You start your rank of the issues that are important to you. How you use your points indicates what issues are important to you. When you are finished a list of 3 candidates will appear with your number one candidate that is closest to your political interest. You want further information on the candidates’ click on their name and read the information. There is also a list of quotes and how they voted on issues in the past.

These sites are not about giving you a final choice it is about helping you work your way through the candidates and giving a snapshot into where they stand so you can do further research.


New Teaching Mom said...

Here is another one that is easy to use Jeanette:

Jeannette Van Houten, M.Ed, ATP said...

Thanks for this site. It is as easy as Glassbooth. What is very interesting is that I did both sites and my first candidate was different. But that just gives me another candidate to look into.

The one thing missing is that it doesn't give you details on the candidates views. But that is minor because it points me in a direction.

Have to say I really like Glenn Beck.